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Dinkum Systems  Clamping Top - 1"  

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Overview:  Turn your Dinkum Systems® camera mount or lens shade into a super stron...


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Dinkum Systems-Clamping Top - 1"-Tripods, Monopods and Support Accessories
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Turn your Dinkum Systems® camera mount or lens shade into a super strong, ultra useful clamp-to-clamp device (not compatible with the COMPACT™ lens shade for DSLRs and small video cameras).  The 1" spring clamp has a double-adaptor piece which allows the unit to be attached to the top end of our modular hose arms.  Please note the arm and base piece are sold separately, either as one of The Mounts with the 1/4-20" top popped off or building your own with components from our Accessories line. The 1" Clamping Top will securely grip tripods, C-Stands, foam core and table top items for countless on-set uses. Use this grip device for holding items steady for macro photography, postioning devices like audio / video receivers, video transmitters, flashlights, cables, microphones or giving you a third hand for reflectors. Our length adjustable arms and spring clamp allow for placement in areas other mounts can’t reach.
Accommodates surfaces up to 1" thick.  Weight 4 oz.


Dinkum Systems ActionPod Pro, Dinkum Systems ActionPod



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