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Schedule your own personal one hour photo class. You can gear the class towards your needs, or it can be a general class covering Shooting Modes, White Balance,ISO settings, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, camera operation and much more.

Your class can be more specific to cover Sports Photography, Low Light Photography, Portrait Photography or Macro Photography. It is your class.


Check your calendar and call us to schedule our one-on-one photo instruction. $60



The class schedule for our Beginning Digital SLR, Advanced Digital SLR, Lighting Workshop and Macro Workshop is in the process being confirmed. Please check back to discover dates and times of our classes. Or check our Facebook page which will have current posts of our classes.


Our mission here at Camera Outfitters is to have you become more comfortable with your camera gear and show you some of the endless creative possibilities you can achieve with your photographic equipment. In addition to the equipment instruction, we show you how to have fun with your photography.







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